Agrex is unique in that it offers an extremely comprehensive range of fertiliser spreaders across the entire spectrum of requirements and price points.

Agrex Fertiliser Spreaders

XTL Fertiliser Spreader

A pull type ground driven fertiliser spreader equipped with polyethylene hopper suitable for spreading a wide variety of fertilisers and seeds. Perfect for sporting fields, lawns and pastures, the Italian made XTL with its wide wheel track width will also perform in steep terrain. Spreading width from 6 to 14 meters. Tow behind a tractor, ute or utility vehicle.

Agrex XTL

Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

  • Long life polyethylene hopper and stainless steel bottom
  • Stainless steel spreading discs and vanes
  • Ground driven with wide wheel track for stability
  • Lever on-off control
  • Clevis hitch
  • Optional towing eye, trailer hitch coupling, hopper tarpaulin cover, articulated agilator and standard filtering grid, stainless steel salt/sand guard, mechanical remote control
  • Made in Italy


XTL 300 XTL 500
Hopper Capacity (L) 250 350
Width of Machine/Hopper (m) 1.6 1.6
Empty Machine Weight (kg) 108 112
Maximum Permissable Load (kg) 400 400
Tractor Power (hp) 10 10
Spreading Width (m) 6-14 6-14


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