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  • Agrex is unique in that it offers an extremely comprehensive range of fertiliser spreaders across the entire spectrum of requirements and price points.

    Agrex Fertiliser Spreaders

    Magnum Pro Trailed Fertiliser Spreader


    Large capacity professional spreader for spreading granular, mineral & organic fertilisers  Suitable for 120hp tractors with 70 Lpm hydraulic remote flow. Powder-coat painted steel hopper with inspection ladder

    Agrex Magnum Pro SPREADER

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    • 800mm endless rubber belt is hydraulically driven with belt speed sensor integrated with the Spreading Computer
    • Computer controlled hydraulic gate for On/Off control
    • Fertiliser flows on stainless steel chute onto the stainless steels spreading discs which are driven by a hydraulic motor with rpm sensor for accurate control by the spreading computer
    • Stainless steel vanes for spreading up to 24m and 36m
    • Quick & simple vane and chute adjustment as per spreading tables for Certified Spreading Performance
    • Stainless steel shields protect machine from broadcast fertiliser
    • Spreading computer is standard and includes electronic wheel speed, belt speed and disc speed sensors
    • Spreading computer manages setup of jobs and controls belt and disc speed according to ground speed to spread the required rate per hectare
    • Large 520/85R 38 tyres with mudguards on single axle with hydraulic brakes
    • Crop clearance of 92.4cm


    Hopper Capacity (L)
    Width of Machine/Hopper (m)
    Empty Machine Weight (kg)
    Maximum Permissable Load (kg)
    Tractor Power (hp)
    Spreading Width (m)


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